What does a living prophet say?

We Mormons believe in a living prophet. There has been one at the head of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since the early 1800s.

The current one is Thomas S. Monson.

So, what have living prophets said?

1. One of the important ones for the last 20 years is to stay out of debt.
Sound like that could have been important in these wonderful economic times?
Could have saved all those people who went crazy with huge homes they couldn't afford, toys and stuff that buried them in mountains of debt and bankruptcy.

What else have they said?
2. To reserve Monday nights for a "Family Home Evening" where the parents spend time with their kids, teaching them, playing games with them and being a real family.

3. To maintain a years supply of food in case of emergencies. Could that have helped all the people struggling right now? Duh!

4. To maintain several months of emergency income where possible. Ditto Duh!

5. To follow the Savior's life and example and try to be like him.
"What?" you may say. "Mormon prophet asks people to follow the Savior? I thought they didn't believe in Christ!"

Surprise! Just because we believe that Christ actually expects us to do something with our lives and not merely accept him as our Savior to return to live with him, people say we don't believe in him. That's dumber than a box of rocks.

6. To live a morally clean life and not have sex outside marriage.
How many people would that have saved from sexually transmitted diseases, divorce and much more.

7. To be truly happy you must serve others.
Look at the unhappy people in the world that believe that the world revolves around them and the pursuit of money. Guess who's right and whose wrong.

Many churches teach that God stopped talking to us after Christ and the apostles died and that God never speaks to us anymore.
Guess who's wrong?

There is contact with God through a living prophet who helps us know what God wants for us and that will help us live good happy lives.

It's true! More info at mormon.org

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