A Bunch of Reasons to Be Suspicious of Mormons

You have to watch out for Mormons. Their beliefs are scary!

They believe in being honest!
They believe in strong families!
They believe that families can be together forever!
They don't believe babies need to be baptized, because babies can't sin!
They believe that if a child dies it is not going to hell. It returns to live with God.
They believe parents should be strong examples for their children and that they should be teaching their children to be good people and good citizens.
They believe in Jesus Christ.
They believe in a loving Heavenly Father who loves everyone and wants us to return to live with him.
They believe you can't be saved just by saying something. They believe that you have to believe and do something about your beliefs.
They believe in faith, baptism, and keeping the commandments
They believe that a person must have God's authority before being to perform ordinances like baptism. They don't believe that you get that authority from a university or school that never had the authority.
They believe that God didn't quit speaking to us through a prophet. They believe there is a living prophet.
They believe that if you are lonely, looking for meaning in life, wondering why you are even here on this earth, that there are answers to all life's most important questions.

You can find out about some of those questions at mormon.org

I'm one of the weird Mormons to be suspicious of. I believe with all my heart. You can believe too, and find happiness like you've never had.