Mormons are Crazy

Why would anyone want to become a Mormon?

Mormons are wrong, deceived, crazy...

They say they have a living prophet, apostles, real authority from God that no one else on earth has - to perform baptism and other ordinances, and they even claim to know where we came from, why we're here, and where we are going after this life is over. They really do claim to know the real purpose of this life.

Funny thing. I'm one. I'm a Mormon.

Crazy? Maybe. Disturbed? My wife might agree with that.

Deceived? No.

Enjoying the restored truth that was lost when Christ and the apostles died?

Knowing that we have a real Heavenly Father who really can hear your prayers?

Feeling lonely? Feeling lost? Looking for truth? 

The Mormons have it. You can have it too.

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