The Ten Commandments

Do Mormon's believe in following the ten commandments?
Yes. In today's crazy world it seems like people treat these more as the ten suggestions.

We believe in the ten commandments. Because we have a living prophet, we have other things we know the Lord wants us to do.

What are those things?
Some of them are:
Maintain a supply of food that will sustain you during difficult times.
Don't drink alcohol, don't smoke or chew tobacco, don't drink tea of coffee.
Don't take illegal drugs.
Live a moral life. Don't have sex with anyone who is not your spouse.
Be honest in all your dealings.
Help others.
Fast 2 meals per month and donate the value of those meals, and if you can afford it, more, to helping those who are less fortunate.
Repent and live a Christ-like life.
Learn more about Christ and his teachings in both the Bible and The Book of Mormon.
Be a good father or mother and teach your children to be Christ-like.
Participate in projects that help others.
Do genealogy research and find who your ancestors are and submit their names to be baptized by proxy so they will have the choice of following the Savior and accept the baptism in their behalf.

Babies who die not condemned to hell

Do Mormons believe that babies need to be baptized?
Nope. We believe that that practice is wrong. Plain wrong.

The reason? Babies can't sin. What is baptism for? From, the Church's web site, it says, "Those who are baptized enter into a covenant with God to take upon themselves the name of Jesus Christ, keep His commandments, and serve Him to the end."

Through modern revelation we know that the Lord said, "They cannot sin, for power is not given unto Satan to tempt little children, until they begin to become accountable before me" (see D&C 29:46–47). They are not to be baptized until they reach the age of accountability, which the Lord has revealed to be eight years of age (see D&C 68:27). Anyone who claims that little children need baptism "denieth the mercies of Christ, and setteth at naught the atonement of him and the power of his redemption"

So, to summarize. Babies can't sin. Satan can't tempt them.

In fact, no one can sin until they are able to make a decision to do wrong. We believe that the age of accountability to be eight years old. That is when we baptize.

So, what happens if you are over eight and want to be baptized? It's okay. We can baptize anyone from age eight on up.

Just to follow up. What happens to babies who die and children under age eight who die?
We believe that they return to God and are with him. We have a chance to live with those children again if we keep the commandments.

Pretty cool huh? God provides for all his children.

It's true. You can find out too!

Church in Favor of California Prop 8? Oh No!

The Church is “Accused” of being in Favor of California Proposition 8 which is against same-sex marriage!

Those who are gay or lesbian and their friends and families are aghast that the Church would tiptoe across the borders from Utah and try to influence something in California that is none of Utah’s business.

They think that a church’s beliefs are supposed to stop at a border? So, what about the million or so members of the Church in California? Is the Church supposed to have commandments that are followed differently in California than in the rest of the world?

We follow Christ’s teachings about going out to all the world to spread his word. That really does mean don’t stop at political borders or country borders. Go to All the world and teach all the commandments, not just the ones that are politically pleasing.

People talk about gay marriage as a civil rights issue. Go ahead and try and convince yourself of that. What about marriage between brother and sister? Between a parent and a child? Between a grandparent and a child? Aren’t they just as much that civil rights problem? Where does it stop? What about marriage between a 40 year old man and a 10 year old girl? Got a problem yet? Isn’t that a civil rights issue?

Does the Church teach that sex between members of the same sex is wrong?

What about abortion. Does the Church teach that it is a sin?

What about drinking and smoking? Is that wrong?
Yes. Through revelation 175 years ago, the Lord revealed that those substances are harmful and should not be used. It took just about 150 years for the medical science to catch up and realize the same thing.

Does the Church teach honesty?
Yes. Should it keep that belief within the borders of Utah?

What about baptism for the remission of sins?
Yep, it teaches that. Should that be kept within Utah, or even just Salt Lake City? I don't think so.

What about loving all people? Isn’t the Church teaching hate by supporting the ban on gay marriage?
The Church teaches what the Lord has said to teach. It teaches against sin of all types. Sex between members of the same sex is a sin. Period. However, the Lord, and his Church, teach to love all, but you don't love the sin.

The Church also teaches other things about sex are wrong, such as sex between any two people who are not married, sex between a married person and someone who is not their spouse. Even, surprise, touching another person in a sexual way is considered wrong if that person is not your spouse.

People doing the complaining are okay about the Church going beyond Utah’s borders to help those in need physically, but not okay when the Church is trying to help people spiritually.

It's funny that they complain that the Church was involved, but they don't talk about anyone on the side supporting their side. Hmmmm. Wonder why they don't let all the information come to light.

We believe that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the church Jesus Christ began when he was on the earth. We believe the truth and his authority was lost after he and the apostles were killed. It had to be restored. It has been and his commandments now are just as important as they were when he gave them.

Civil rights issue? Nope. It’s a moral issue, or maybe just an immoral one.

Are Mormons Weird?

Are we weird?
Some of us, never. Some of us some of the time, and with 13 million members I would bet some people would consider some of us as really weird. Sometimes my wife thinks I'm weird. Sometimes quite often. Happens in every group when you get that many people.

Are we serious all the time?
Same as above and probably in the same proportions as the rest of the world. Some of us have no sense of humor, some have a great sense of humor and some people are never serious. We are serious when it comes to what we believe. If you believed that the truth had been lost from the earth after the time of Christ and the apostles and that God had restored that truth to the earth through a man that became the Lord's prophet, wouldn't you be serious about it? We believe it with all our hearts.

Do we dress all in black and do we wear hats all the time?
Nope. Some dress up all the time because they work in offices that require it. Some wear jeans and t-shirts. Some like to be dressed up, others casual. For Church we do dress up. Suits or slacks and a dress shirt and tie and dresses for the women.

What kinds of jobs do we hold?
On the whole, we are a pretty educated group of people. We hold every type of job there is I would imagine. Some are doctors, dog walkers, tour guides, writers, news anchors, lawyers, bus drivers, politicians, teachers, dancers, actors, business owners, farmers, ranchers, hamburger flippers, grocery baggers, cowboys, artists, singers, sales clerks, machinists, postal clerks, janitors, nurses, firemen, etc. Pretty normal stuff.

Do we live in huge houses with multiple wives?
Nope. We're not polygamous. Usually one wife is what we can deal with. If you're thinking polygamous groups you're thinking of people who have never been Mormons.

What do we do for fun?
Same things as most people do. We go to restaurants, movies, plays, opera, ballet, some go to truck shows, track meets, football games, some hunt, some fish, and on and on and on. Pretty normal stuff. We are all different, just like every other large group of people.

What about drinking and smoking? Do we party.
We do have parties, just without the booze and smokes. Nearly 175 years ago, the first prophet of the Church received a revelation that mentioned things that are bad for us and that we shouldn't use. Those included alcohol and tobacco, including chewing tobacco. It also mentioned that we should not drink tea and coffee. It talked about exercise and eating right. Eating grains and being careful to not eat a lot of meat. It took medical science nearly 150 years to catch up to what the Lord revealed to a prophet as the Lord's law of healthy living. That's why Mormon's live longer than many groups.

Are we all healthy and do everything right?
Nope. We have people interested in their health, people who are health nuts, people who exercise and people who don't. We even have people whose best friend is a donut. Same as before, with 13 million people you get a mix.

Do we believe in weird stuff?
Well, we believe that everyone who has lived on earth lived with God before this life as his spirit children. We believe he loved us so much that he wanted us to learn more than we could as spirits.

He gave us the opportunity to come to earth and learn good from evil by making choices and living in mortal bodies. He wanted us to have the choice of whether we would follow him or go another way.

We believe he loved us so much that he was willing to risk losing us if we chose to not follow his way, just as parents here on earth have to let go of their children if those children are to learn and grow.

We believe he sent His Son, Jesus, to atone for our sins. So that if we accepted Christ's atonement and repented and followed the commandments, that his sacrifice would pay for our sins. Even he said that was the case, but if we wouldn't repent we would have to suffer for our sins, "even as I (Christ)".

We believe that through priesthood authority that was restored, we can be married in temples so that marriage doesn't end at death but gives us the chance to be with our family for eternity.

We believe that by living righteously we can return to live with God again.

It's true. You can know for yourself.