We believe in strong, close families

Today seems to be a never-ending cycle of marriage and divorce for many.

I heard the other day of a friend whose mother was married for the 7th time. The others ended in divorce, not death.

So what the heck is going on?

Your family should be your most important focus. They should come before your job, before your hobbies, before your weekly golf game, before you.

Many people want it all, when what they mean is that they want it all "for me". As long as their needs are met, as long as they have everything they want and need, then all is right with the world.

Families seem to come second, third, fourth, or even further down the list in many peoples' lives. The statistics confirm that with the amazing divorce rate.

You can't have it all, if all is only about you.

If you want it all, give your all to your family, to God, to others. The feelings you will have by putting others first and yourself second just might surprise you.

You'll actually find happiness by not concentrating on getting happiness.

Happiness is found by giving it to others.

Families, to Mormons, can be forever if you are married in the Temple by the appropriate authority. It's not automatic. It's not easy. It takes work.

You have to work at keeping your family to have them forever. You put them first and you get them at last, forever.

Hard to do, but then anything worth having is.

Stuff...and Things

Stuff, what dreams are made of.

We take a lifetime making money to buy stuff.

Then we make money to insure the stuff.

Then we make more money to buy insurance to protect the stuff in case it gets lost, stolen, or damaged.

Then we make more money to house the stuff.

Then we make more money to maintain and repair the stuff.

We feel good when we buy it and then the good feeling is gone.
It's like a drug that you have to keep getting to feel good.

We've all heard there's more to life than money. I just talked to a friend who was asking me about some ideas he had to make money in a business he wanted to start on the side.

Why? To make some money.

In the last seven years I have lost seven friends. All under the age of 65. All but one under the age of 53.

Many of them had extra businesses or things on side to try and really "make it."

Now they're dead and the money they made has gone to their widow.

My friend wondered why I wasn't really interested in getting into some business or other to make it big.

There's more to life than working. More to life than having more jobs, more things to worry about, more things to take care of.

It might be fun for many, I find fun in a more simple life. Few wants, few needs where my fun comes with being with family.

Of all the things to strive for in life, stuff isn't very high on my list. It's fun to have stuff for awhile, but it is a never ending cycle. It's a cycle that wastes lives just taking care of the details of stuff.

Happiness has never been stuff. Happiness comes from love. It comes from knowing where you came from before this life, why you are here, and where you are going.

Spending your life with people and helping others is what really makes a difference.

Happiness. It's the stuff of life, not a life of stuff.

Do Mormons Worship Joseph Smith?


Why do we talk about him so much?
Why do we consider him important?
What did he do?

He saw God, our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ.
With that appearance, he found out the truth that they are two different people, not one.
An angel appeared to him and showed him where to find an ancient record of scripture written on gold plates and bound together.
With God's help, he translated that record and discovered it was a record of a prophet and his family who left Jerusalem and came to the Americas. It is a record of the teachings of God, the record of Jesus Christ and his coming to the Americas to visit his "other sheep" mentioned in the bible when Jesus was resurrected.
Joseph restored the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ that had been lost from the earth since the death of Christ and the apostles.
God restored his authority to perform holy ordinances like baptism, to Joseph Smith.
Joseph received revelations from God that told us that smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks and coffee and tea are bad for us - 150 years before modern science figured it out.
God's temple ordinances were restored through Joseph.
In the end, Joseph gave his life as he was murdered by a mob.

There's more, much more. He was a modern prophet, he received revelation and authority to restore the gospel to the earth.

There is NO other authority on earth given from God. It was lost and had to be restored.

It's true, you can find it too. Look for more at mormon.org

Good is Evil and Evil is Good

Remember when things seemed to be recognizable as good and evil?

Remember when killing a person was worse than killing a dog or cat?
Now, some people are getting more prison time for killing the animals than people.

Remember when abortion meant killing a baby and not, "a woman's right to choose"?

Remember when it used to be a bad thing to be on government welfare?
Now, for many it seems to be thought of as a right because they are American citizens.

Remember when it used to be a bad thing to be an illegal immigrant?
Now government leaders are looking at ways to take care of all these unfortunate people who have come here looking for a better life.

Remember when it was seen as a bad thing for the government to mess around with our rights and lives?
Now, government leaders seem to feel that they know better than we do what we need and want.

Remember when government spending was looked at as something to control?
Now it seems that it is a contest to see how far off the cliff leaders can throw our money.

Remember when citizen's money was looked at as belonging to them?
Now it seems that government leaders feel it is theirs.

Remember when it used to be admirable if someone worked hard and was successful?
Now, government leaders talk about bringing those at the low end of success up by sharing the "excessive earnings" of those who have made a success in life.

Remember when living an honest life, being faithful to your spouse, taking responsibility for yourself and your family and your actions, believing in God and trying to be like Jesus Christ was a good thing?
Guess what? It still is.

No matter what the world has become, right is still right, good is still good, evil is still evil, and wrong is still wrong.

Living a Christ focused life is still right, still the way to real happiness.

May your day and your life be filled with happiness by living according to the gospel as taught by Christ.

You are loved, even if sometimes you don't feel it. God is there, waiting to hear from you.

The Mormons know real, restored truth that was lost from the earth from when Christ and the Apostles died. Find out more at mormon.org

Tatoos - What does that have to do with religion

Tats. Tattoos.

Some get a tiny flower, some seem to feel that billboard-size tats are for them.
Some cover their face, their heads, their feet and everywhere in between.

Personally I just don't get it.
Aesthetically I just don't get it.
Artistically I just don't get it.
Any way you look at it I just don't get it.
I must be clueless.

I see these people with a tat they think is cool and wonder how they will feel about having that same dumb cartoon or image on them 40 years from now.

I would think that the only tat that makes sense long term would be a snake. At least with a snake, as your skin gets old and wrinkly it would make the snake look more lifelike.
Dumb, I know, but then all of it is.

Now I hear people are putting tattoos in the white parts of their eyes. That has got to be... what... I don't even know enough synonyms for the word dumb or idiotic to express how truly crazy that is.

So, what does all this have to do with what I believe?

Simple. Our bodies are described in the scriptures as temples and we should treat them as such. That means what we put into them is important.

We don't drink alcohol. We don't smoke. We don't use drugs.

As with any group as large as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is, I'm sure there are some that do all the things we don't believe in, even tattooing themselves. That doesn't mean they are following the teachings. In fact, they are going against the teachings.

So, if our bodies are temples, what does that make tattoos? Graffiti?

Tattoos disfigure our bodies. Period.

"But I like having a beautiful image on my body" you might say.

Fine. It is still graffiti. Convince yourself that it is beautiful. Just like someone who smokes has no clue that they stink of smoke wherever they go and they have no idea.

It is still showing disrespect to yourself and your body.

As a Mormon, we are taught not to tattoo our bodies. Period.

Much of life is about respect. Respect for God. Respect for Jesus Christ. Respect for their teachings. Respect for ourselves.

No tattoo is good - just like smoking and drinking, zero is best.

None is good for you. Want to learn more about Mormons? Check out mormon.org

What does a living prophet say?

We Mormons believe in a living prophet. There has been one at the head of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since the early 1800s.

The current one is Thomas S. Monson.

So, what have living prophets said?

1. One of the important ones for the last 20 years is to stay out of debt.
Sound like that could have been important in these wonderful economic times?
Could have saved all those people who went crazy with huge homes they couldn't afford, toys and stuff that buried them in mountains of debt and bankruptcy.

What else have they said?
2. To reserve Monday nights for a "Family Home Evening" where the parents spend time with their kids, teaching them, playing games with them and being a real family.

3. To maintain a years supply of food in case of emergencies. Could that have helped all the people struggling right now? Duh!

4. To maintain several months of emergency income where possible. Ditto Duh!

5. To follow the Savior's life and example and try to be like him.
"What?" you may say. "Mormon prophet asks people to follow the Savior? I thought they didn't believe in Christ!"

Surprise! Just because we believe that Christ actually expects us to do something with our lives and not merely accept him as our Savior to return to live with him, people say we don't believe in him. That's dumber than a box of rocks.

6. To live a morally clean life and not have sex outside marriage.
How many people would that have saved from sexually transmitted diseases, divorce and much more.

7. To be truly happy you must serve others.
Look at the unhappy people in the world that believe that the world revolves around them and the pursuit of money. Guess who's right and whose wrong.

Many churches teach that God stopped talking to us after Christ and the apostles died and that God never speaks to us anymore.
Guess who's wrong?

There is contact with God through a living prophet who helps us know what God wants for us and that will help us live good happy lives.

It's true! More info at mormon.org