Tatoos - What does that have to do with religion

Tats. Tattoos.

Some get a tiny flower, some seem to feel that billboard-size tats are for them.
Some cover their face, their heads, their feet and everywhere in between.

Personally I just don't get it.
Aesthetically I just don't get it.
Artistically I just don't get it.
Any way you look at it I just don't get it.
I must be clueless.

I see these people with a tat they think is cool and wonder how they will feel about having that same dumb cartoon or image on them 40 years from now.

I would think that the only tat that makes sense long term would be a snake. At least with a snake, as your skin gets old and wrinkly it would make the snake look more lifelike.
Dumb, I know, but then all of it is.

Now I hear people are putting tattoos in the white parts of their eyes. That has got to be... what... I don't even know enough synonyms for the word dumb or idiotic to express how truly crazy that is.

So, what does all this have to do with what I believe?

Simple. Our bodies are described in the scriptures as temples and we should treat them as such. That means what we put into them is important.

We don't drink alcohol. We don't smoke. We don't use drugs.

As with any group as large as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is, I'm sure there are some that do all the things we don't believe in, even tattooing themselves. That doesn't mean they are following the teachings. In fact, they are going against the teachings.

So, if our bodies are temples, what does that make tattoos? Graffiti?

Tattoos disfigure our bodies. Period.

"But I like having a beautiful image on my body" you might say.

Fine. It is still graffiti. Convince yourself that it is beautiful. Just like someone who smokes has no clue that they stink of smoke wherever they go and they have no idea.

It is still showing disrespect to yourself and your body.

As a Mormon, we are taught not to tattoo our bodies. Period.

Much of life is about respect. Respect for God. Respect for Jesus Christ. Respect for their teachings. Respect for ourselves.

No tattoo is good - just like smoking and drinking, zero is best.

None is good for you. Want to learn more about Mormons? Check out mormon.org


  1. Good comments. I would add to it the plain fact that Lucifer, the Morning Star, the fallen one is so very jealous of all of us that have bodies. He has none and never will. For that reason, he wants us to do whatever demeaning, degrading thing we can to our bodies so that we can be more like him and possibly loose the chance to have an eternal, perfect body. His enticing come in piercings, tattoos, drugs, alcohol, oversleeping, sleep deprivation, lack of exercising to keep fit, over-exercising, inappropriate and unhealthy sexual behaviors, the opposite side of that being inappropriate attitudes that sex, even when appropriate, is evil, overeating, unhealthy eating, bulimia, anorexia - you name it. Anything we can name that degrades the body, minimizes the importance of our bodies, abuses the gift of our bodies - that is what Satan is promoting as exciting, tantalizing, beautiful so that he can, ever so cleverly, get us to join him in his misery.

  2. Anonymous30/6/10

    I just stumbled over this, and I must say that these comments seem like ramblings of slightly misaligned minds!! WHATEVER HAPPENED TO FREE WILL?? Aren't we allowed to make our own decisions anymore? In any given day we are subjected to a myriad of influences...what do we need to do to ensure salvation...lock ourselves up and hope for the best?!!
    Yes, the good book guides us, but every passage is open to interpretation, hence the emergence of untold different religions! What makes YOU right nd everyone else wrong???
    You have the right to an opinion, just as I have, but opinions shouldn't be so one-sided