What is your life missing?

Do you find your days a blur of activities, work, eating, going places...and it all feels meaningless?

Words I hear coming from others include these:
worthless days and nights
not going anywhere
getting money but not happy
meaningless relationships
looking for some meaning in life

What about a life that included these words?

Many people think a little more money would make them happy. But, they make a little more, and they aren't happy. So, they think, maybe a little more money would make them happy. The cycle continues and happiness doesn't come.

Others feel that chasing the lottery will bring them happiness because they think riches could make them truly happy and they pray to win. The real truth is that most lottery winners are less happy, with few if any friends, and many are bankrupt within a few years of winning.

Some people want a relationship and feel that quick one-night stands will bring it to them.
Wrong. You can find examples in many people you probably know that prove that never works.

People need real meaning in their life.
People need something to believe in.
People need something more than money and things to make them happy.
People need to be involved with others working toward a higher purpose.

They also need friends and food and fun and exercise and safety and hope and peace.

You need those things.
You may have one or some or many.
You may have all the money you can ever spend and still feel lost and confused and wishing there was something more to life.

There is.
You need to be helping others.

Start somewhere, with someone.
You may take a neighbor a pie you made.
You may say hello to someone who looks down.
You may see someone whose car has broken down and needs a hand.
You may see someone at the grocery store who is short a couple of dollars of having enough to play for their groceries and give it to them.
It might be just waving every day to the old man who sits on his porch every day because he has nothing else in his life.

Get beyond your needs and find something you can do now. It need not be something big. Just do something.
I'm not talking about giving a couple of bucks to a panhandler. I'm talking about giving of yourself.

Anyone can just give money. Give a little of yourself. Give a few minutes to help someone.

What will happen?
The more you help others, the more you will help yourself.

The more you help others, the more you will feel happy.

The more you help others, the less depression you will have.

The more you help others, the more interesting your life will be.

The more you help others, the more peace will come into your life.

You may find, as you start helping others, that the Spirit of the Lord will prompt you as to who needs your help. Follow those promptings, even if you think it is just your own thoughts.

You will find peace, you will find happiness, you will find fulfillment, you will find... yourself.

The Lord will bless your for your actions.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

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