If you saw God, what would he look like?

Some people would think this is a weird question because they believe God is some flaming ball of light.

I don't.

I believe that if God was to appear to you that you would recognize him. You know him because you were with Him before you came to this life.

I believe that because He is our Father. He happens to be in heaven, but he is the father of our spirits.

He has a body. We were created in His image.

We can't be in His image if he is a flaming ball of light, or someone who fills the entire universe.

He loves you. He cares what you are doing. Just like any father, He wants to hear from you.

He knows what you need and what you want, but He wants to hear it from you.

If He gave you everything you needed when He knew you needed it, this life wouldn't be much of a test.

Ask Him. He is there.

It's true.

TV Show Big Love Portrays Mormons? Nope!

This is one of the dumbest things that show tries to put out as truth.

They keep talking about the polygamous family being Mormon.
Dumb. Mormons do not believe nor practice polygamy.

Whenever people are asked about Mormons, many say they think polygamy.

Once again, we don’t believe in it, don’t practice it.

So, what does it take for the message to sink in?

Guess it has to get to the point where tv show writers start doing their homework and find out the truth.

I’ve read where the writers do understand that Mormons don’t practice polygamy, but they still have everyone calling the family Mormons on the show.

Dumb as a stump.

They may never learn, they never seem to get it right.

But for now, remember, Mormons aren’t polygamous.

Want the truth about Mormons? Ask a Mormon.

Or go to the Church’s site http://www.mormon.org for the truth.

Find out, believe, and change your life for the better. Forever.

It’s true.

Trinity - Do Mormons Believe 3 in 1?

Do we believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost?

Do we believe that they are one glommed together person?
Absolutely not.

Why would God be so different than those He created in his image?
We aren't glommed together as multiple individuals. We are individuals.

God is our Heavenly Father, Jesus is our brother and the Holy Ghost is the one who helps us feel God's inspiration in our lives to help guide us to do right.

God is a person. He is our God, but he is a person with a body. Why is that so hard for some to believe.

I know that many teach that he is unreachable, unknowable, unfathomable, and absolutely beyond our ability to understand.

He is our Father. He is our God. He loves us.

He wants what is best for us.

He doesn't want our fear, he wants us to love Him, as He loves us.

He is there, He will listen, He does listen.

He is not a they, a them. He is God. Jesus is His Son. The Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit without a body.

He has restored the truth to the earth. Find out more. mormon.org

I, a Mormon, believe in Jesus Christ!

People say Mormons are not Christians.

Those people don't know what they are talking about.

They say Mormons don't believe in the same Jesus they believe in.

What do they believe in?
A Jesus who, along with the Holy Ghost, is crammed together in one person with God.
A Jesus who was crucified so all you have to do is say you accept him as your Savior and you are taken care of.
A Jesus who didn't think you need to do anything else in life, just accept him.

Is that what I believe?
No. I believe in a Jesus who is the Son of his father, God.
Who prayed to his Father.
Who, when Jesus was baptized, had God, his Father, say, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." What person talks about himself as his own son?
Who prayed in to His Father, God, Gethsemane asking God if it were possible that the cup pass from him.
Who, while on the cross commended his spirit into God's hands.
Who was seen by Stephen, when he was being stoned, "on the right hand of God." People really believe he was standing beside himself? Not me.

I believe in a Jesus who was the begotten Son of God. God in heaven and Jesus on earth.
I believe that he was in the temple, talking to the learned men, and told Mary he was about "my Father's business." Not his own business.
I believe in a Christ that healed the sick, the blind, and brought back the dead.
I believe in a Christ who said that he came to take upon him the sins of the world.
I believe in a Christ who said that the sinners won't suffer if we will repent, but if they do not repent they must suffer "even as I."
I believe in a Christ who saved the world from sin, but did not believe that all you need to do in this life is say you accept him as your savior and you are saved regardless of what you do.
I believe in a Christ who believed that we must follow him, keep the commandments and always remember him.
I believe in a Christ who, with his Father, God, helped us come to earth so we could make our own decisions about whether we would follow him. God loved us enough to let us decide on our own instead of forcing every person to return to him.
I believe in a Christ who was crucified for the world, to save us all from death and our sins.
I believe in a Christ who was resurrected and because of his resurrection we will all be resurrected regardless of sin or not. Everyone will be resurrected. Not everyone will return to live with God.
I believe in a Christ who knew that there would be an apostasy after his death and a falling away and a loss of the truth of the gospel.
I believe in a Christ, who in the early 1800's restored the complete truth to the earth along with his Church with apostles and a prophet. That prophet was Joseph Smith.

I believe in a Christ who still guides that church today through a living prophet.

That church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
It is His Church. It was restored for the world. It was restored for you.

It's time to find out more. Find truth at mormon.org

Can you get God's Authority from a College / University?

This is an interesting question.
The answer is no.

Can an organization that never had God's authority to train his ministers give authority from God to the people they train?

The only way to get God's authority is from God or Christ.

Since most people think God stopped talking to anyone after Christ was crucified and all those that Christ gave authority died off before any churches really started, NO ONE had authority to start a church. And, because they didn't have authority to start a church, they certainly didn't have authority to perform baptisms or any other ordinances.

There was an apostacy, or falling away where God's authority was lost and was lost for 1800+ years.

In the early 1820's God and Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith, who had prayed to discover which church he should join.

He was told to join none of them because the true church wasn't on the earth. They said that all the churches were filled with the teachings of men mingled with scripture.

They also told him that through Joseph, they would restore the truth and God's authority to the earth.

They did. It is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It has God's authority directly from God and Jesus. It has the authority to perform baptisms and other ordinances necessary for our salvation.

It is true. Find out more at mormon.org

Who is the God your Church follows?

According to the many of todays Churches, God is:
A spirit
A combination of God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.
A vengeful, threatening God.
Doesn't have a body
Has no passions
Fills the universe yet is so small he can dwell in your heart.

That is NOT the God I worship.
The God I worship is my Father in heaven in every sense of the word.
He is the father of my and your spirits.
He has a body, in whose image we were created.
He is not some tri-person that includes Jesus and the Holy Ghost.
They are separate individuals.
He is a Father of love.
He loves his children, including you, including me.
He hates sin but loves the sinner.
He cares about everything on this earth.
He wants us to be happy.
He wants us to grow and learn and develop and to follow his commandments.

Why does he want me to follow his commandments? Because, like any parent, he knows what is best for us and has given us these parental rules to live by.

He knows that if we follow them we will be happy. If we don't, we won't be.
He gives us the freedom to choose, but he does have consequences if we don't.

He wants us to return to him and live with him forever.
He has provided a way for us to be with him and with our families forever.

He wants you to be happy. He has a living prophet on earth that shares God's word with us.
We only have to listen.

It's true. Find out for yourself. More information at mormon.org