TV Show Big Love Portrays Mormons? Nope!

This is one of the dumbest things that show tries to put out as truth.

They keep talking about the polygamous family being Mormon.
Dumb. Mormons do not believe nor practice polygamy.

Whenever people are asked about Mormons, many say they think polygamy.

Once again, we don’t believe in it, don’t practice it.

So, what does it take for the message to sink in?

Guess it has to get to the point where tv show writers start doing their homework and find out the truth.

I’ve read where the writers do understand that Mormons don’t practice polygamy, but they still have everyone calling the family Mormons on the show.

Dumb as a stump.

They may never learn, they never seem to get it right.

But for now, remember, Mormons aren’t polygamous.

Want the truth about Mormons? Ask a Mormon.

Or go to the Church’s site for the truth.

Find out, believe, and change your life for the better. Forever.

It’s true.

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