If you saw God, what would he look like?

Some people would think this is a weird question because they believe God is some flaming ball of light.

I don't.

I believe that if God was to appear to you that you would recognize him. You know him because you were with Him before you came to this life.

I believe that because He is our Father. He happens to be in heaven, but he is the father of our spirits.

He has a body. We were created in His image.

We can't be in His image if he is a flaming ball of light, or someone who fills the entire universe.

He loves you. He cares what you are doing. Just like any father, He wants to hear from you.

He knows what you need and what you want, but He wants to hear it from you.

If He gave you everything you needed when He knew you needed it, this life wouldn't be much of a test.

Ask Him. He is there.

It's true.

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