Can you get God's Authority from a College / University?

This is an interesting question.
The answer is no.

Can an organization that never had God's authority to train his ministers give authority from God to the people they train?

The only way to get God's authority is from God or Christ.

Since most people think God stopped talking to anyone after Christ was crucified and all those that Christ gave authority died off before any churches really started, NO ONE had authority to start a church. And, because they didn't have authority to start a church, they certainly didn't have authority to perform baptisms or any other ordinances.

There was an apostacy, or falling away where God's authority was lost and was lost for 1800+ years.

In the early 1820's God and Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith, who had prayed to discover which church he should join.

He was told to join none of them because the true church wasn't on the earth. They said that all the churches were filled with the teachings of men mingled with scripture.

They also told him that through Joseph, they would restore the truth and God's authority to the earth.

They did. It is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It has God's authority directly from God and Jesus. It has the authority to perform baptisms and other ordinances necessary for our salvation.

It is true. Find out more at

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