Who or What is God?

I just read in a novel about a character who believes he has to believe that God is so big and mysterious that he is unknowable or else he couldn't believe in him.


It made me wonder what the author believes. I know I've heard people say the same thing at different times.

For me it is just the opposite. If I didn't believe in a God who has a body, whose image and likeness we were created after, everything else would be just a bunch of gibberish.

For me, a father, especially a Heavenly Father, must be someone I can understand. Not that I understand all he knows and understands, just that I can know I came from him.

Do I believe in a wrathful God of destruction? No, I do believe in a God who knows me, understands me, knows what I go through day to day, and wants me to be happy.

Do I believe in a God who makes everything happen so I have to live a certain way?
No. I believe that God guides our lives if we choose to follow. I believe that I have a choice to follow or not follow. I believe I really can choose right or wrong, light or darkness, and he will let me.

If I choose wrong I believe I will reap the consequences, because I believe there is a right and wrong. Sometimes choosing which is which is difficult since sometimes there doesn't seem to be an easy or right choice. But, I believe if we keep trying to always take the best path, keep trying to be good, try to do right, that we'll get back to be with him.

We'll see him as a man, with arms and legs, a body, a face, a mouth that can smile.

I believe he'll smile when he sees us again. I believe he loves us and wants us to do good, be good, good enough to return and live with him again.

He loves us. He loves me.

He loves you. Find out more at mormon.org.