Good is Evil and Evil is Good

Remember when things seemed to be recognizable as good and evil?

Remember when killing a person was worse than killing a dog or cat?
Now, some people are getting more prison time for killing the animals than people.

Remember when abortion meant killing a baby and not, "a woman's right to choose"?

Remember when it used to be a bad thing to be on government welfare?
Now, for many it seems to be thought of as a right because they are American citizens.

Remember when it used to be a bad thing to be an illegal immigrant?
Now government leaders are looking at ways to take care of all these unfortunate people who have come here looking for a better life.

Remember when it was seen as a bad thing for the government to mess around with our rights and lives?
Now, government leaders seem to feel that they know better than we do what we need and want.

Remember when government spending was looked at as something to control?
Now it seems that it is a contest to see how far off the cliff leaders can throw our money.

Remember when citizen's money was looked at as belonging to them?
Now it seems that government leaders feel it is theirs.

Remember when it used to be admirable if someone worked hard and was successful?
Now, government leaders talk about bringing those at the low end of success up by sharing the "excessive earnings" of those who have made a success in life.

Remember when living an honest life, being faithful to your spouse, taking responsibility for yourself and your family and your actions, believing in God and trying to be like Jesus Christ was a good thing?
Guess what? It still is.

No matter what the world has become, right is still right, good is still good, evil is still evil, and wrong is still wrong.

Living a Christ focused life is still right, still the way to real happiness.

May your day and your life be filled with happiness by living according to the gospel as taught by Christ.

You are loved, even if sometimes you don't feel it. God is there, waiting to hear from you.

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