We believe in strong, close families

Today seems to be a never-ending cycle of marriage and divorce for many.

I heard the other day of a friend whose mother was married for the 7th time. The others ended in divorce, not death.

So what the heck is going on?

Your family should be your most important focus. They should come before your job, before your hobbies, before your weekly golf game, before you.

Many people want it all, when what they mean is that they want it all "for me". As long as their needs are met, as long as they have everything they want and need, then all is right with the world.

Families seem to come second, third, fourth, or even further down the list in many peoples' lives. The statistics confirm that with the amazing divorce rate.

You can't have it all, if all is only about you.

If you want it all, give your all to your family, to God, to others. The feelings you will have by putting others first and yourself second just might surprise you.

You'll actually find happiness by not concentrating on getting happiness.

Happiness is found by giving it to others.

Families, to Mormons, can be forever if you are married in the Temple by the appropriate authority. It's not automatic. It's not easy. It takes work.

You have to work at keeping your family to have them forever. You put them first and you get them at last, forever.

Hard to do, but then anything worth having is.

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