Women in the Church

To hear some people talk, women are not valued in the Church.

They say that since women can't hold the priesthood that somehow they have no value.


People get the idea that the Church is run the way those at the top of the Church want it run and it has nothing to do with doing things the Lord's way.

People outside the Church say, "just change and give women the priesthood and then you will show you value them."

What am I missing here? Those outside are saying, "do things the way we think they should be done," and forget what the Lord has asked to be done?

I guess that works in Churches that have no authority from God, no revelation, no restored truth, and the scriptures mingled with the philosophies of free thinkers.

But, in the restored Church that has the truth as taught by Christ, has authority from God to govern his Church, has revelation from God telling how to the Church should be structured, has a living prophet and apostles who receive revelation, has it all, that's not the way things work.

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, even the name of the Church came through revelation and not from a bunch of goobers sittin' round a barrel whittlin' and spittin' and deciding what to call it. It wasn't, "hey Jeb, how about us calling it the Church of the spittin' cat!" Doesn't work that way. It came through true revelation from God to his prophet Joseph Smith.

The idea for men to lead the Church didn't come from men, it came from God. Should we change it because someone outside the Church thinks we should or should we do it God's way. Hmmm I'm thinking we'll follow God on this one.

We don't know why he specified the Church should be organized the way he did. I'm guessing that since some of the reasons we come to earth are to gain a body, have life experiences and have the choice to follow God or not, that He wanted someone, women in this case, to raise and care for us when we were children in ways the men could not.

Women hold callings in the largest women's organization in the world, The Relief Society, and at Church Headquarters there are women presidencies of that organization and the organization called Primary, for children.

Women participate in every local congregation in what is called a ward council, where they give input in what needs to be focused on for the good of the congregation.

Women are involved in every part of congregations as leaders and teachers, except in the organization for men called priesthood meetings.

The women gather as a Relief Society at the same time the men gather for Priesthood meetings.

Both groups have lessons each Sunday about how to be better followers of Christ, better parents, better neighbors, better people.

The reason they meet separately is that the women cover topics specific to Relief Society and meeting the needs of the women in the congregation and the men cover topics such as how to meet the physical needs of families in the congregation.

While some think the Church is all about polygamy, which isn't even a part of the Church, they need to know what really happens. We value women's leadership, teaching skills, parenting skills, individuality, input, intelligence, tenderness, empathy, and everything else that makes women so amazing.

Find out what we really believe, from Mormons, not from those who have no clue.

Look at mormon.org for more topics you may have misheard from people with missing Mormon info details.

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  1. I have been a convert for almost a year now and have seen what a HUGE part women play in the Church. I have also witnessed how women are given the utmost respect by men (priesthood holders) who are serious about their faith and living the Lord's commandments. Yeah, there are flakes everywhere even in the LDS Church.