Women in the Church

Mormon women belong to the largest women's organization in the world.

They perform countless acts of kindness, participate in thousands of humanitarian projects and care for their families, neighbors and other loved ones whether they are members of the Church or not.

Do women in the Church have jobs outside the home?
Yes, I would guess that 50-70% work at something outside the home either on a part-time or full-time basis.

Are they all seamstresses or work at menial jobs?
No. There are doctors and lawyers, teachers and salespeople, musicians and singers, actresses and workers on theatrical crews, truck drivers and golf pros, lunch ladies and chefs, pilots and travel agents, cashiers and ushers.

Women in the Church work at thousands of different kinds of jobs. Their first priority as taught in the Church, is teaching their children to pray, to worship God, to keep the commandments, and to believe in the atonement of Jesus Christ.

They teach their children to be honest, to care for others, to work hard, to get an education and to be good citizens of their country wherever they live.

Mothers are a strength in the Church. They give input, they lead organizations, they make a real difference in the Church and the world.

More info at mormon.org

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