The Ten Commandments

Do Mormon's believe in following the ten commandments?
Yes. In today's crazy world it seems like people treat these more as the ten suggestions.

We believe in the ten commandments. Because we have a living prophet, we have other things we know the Lord wants us to do.

What are those things?
Some of them are:
Maintain a supply of food that will sustain you during difficult times.
Don't drink alcohol, don't smoke or chew tobacco, don't drink tea of coffee.
Don't take illegal drugs.
Live a moral life. Don't have sex with anyone who is not your spouse.
Be honest in all your dealings.
Help others.
Fast 2 meals per month and donate the value of those meals, and if you can afford it, more, to helping those who are less fortunate.
Repent and live a Christ-like life.
Learn more about Christ and his teachings in both the Bible and The Book of Mormon.
Be a good father or mother and teach your children to be Christ-like.
Participate in projects that help others.
Do genealogy research and find who your ancestors are and submit their names to be baptized by proxy so they will have the choice of following the Savior and accept the baptism in their behalf.

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