Benefits of a Wild Lifestyle

What do Mormons miss by believing what we do?

Being drunk, upchucking our lunch on the seat of our car or on our friends. And hangovers! Don't forget missing hangovers!
Dang, what a loss.

Getting pregnant out of marriage. What? You didn't know we don't believe in waiting until marriage for sex? That's right, no sexually transmitted diseases either.
Another dang.

Getting high on drugs, addiction, losing family and friends as we go in a downward spiral to homelessness.
Skipped stupidity there too.

Missing out winning the lottery or hitting the jackpot in Vegas.
I can't believe we'd miss the chance to blow paycheck after paycheck hoping on a billion to one odds of making it all back. But we don't gamble!
Triple dang.

we don't curse
we don't smoke
we try to eat healthy
we don't look at pornography
we try to help others as often as we can
we believe in spending time with family, we even reserve Monday for Family Night
we go to Church
we pay tithing
we believe in being honest

Boy what a limiting lifestyle.
So why are Mormons so healthy and happy?

Beats me!!

Maybe it's because we miss out on all the things that make people stupid and have a life filled with guilt and loneliness.

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