Having a Close Family

Is that word in the title close, as in near to each other, loving feelings towards someone else or does it mean shut?
Actually it is the one that means near to each other as in loving feelings toward each other.

No wonder people have a hard time learning English!

Parents have always struggled with the question of how to keep their family strong - there I go again - not strong as in muscles, but loving and actually speaking to each other in loving ways instead of pounding on each other or yelling or arguing with each other.

Mormons have the same issues everyone else does when it comes to family.

They have children who always do what they should, some who never do what they should, and some who just get their fun out of driving their parents crazy.

But Mormons have something the rest of the world doesn't. A tool to use to keep family members playing and having fun together, talking together and working together.

That tool is Family Home Evening.
As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are asked to reserve Monday nights as Family Night, a night where family comes first, everything else second.

As part of this night, the family gathers, talks about things important to the family, discusses spiritual matters or has a short lesson on some aspect of the gospel of Jesus Christ, something entertaining like a game, and then the part everyone looks forward to, a treat or dessert of some kind.

Before all this we generally begin with a prayer and sing a song together. We also end the evening with prayer.

Do all members have Family Home Evening?

Would they have closer families if they did?

Why don't they?
Just like everyone else in the world, they have things that distract them from the things that would really help.

This is something every family, regardless of beliefs could benefit from.
Take the idea, adapt it to your family and try it out. Even pick a different day if Monday isn't right for you. It's something that can bless you and your family and keep them close - the loving kind.

Want more info? Look at mormon.org

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