Mormons in Black Hats, Buggies and Clothes?

Anyone who believes we look like that needs a lesson in reality.

I remember hearing of a tourist who came to Salt Lake City and asked the people at the tourist information bureau to point out some Mormons so he could see some!

What he and many others haven't figured out yet is that we look like everyone else.

We dress in modern clothes, some follow the latest fashions while some are content in a t-shirt and jeans. Chances are you know several Mormons but don't know it because they look like your other co-workers.

While we dress in the same fashions as others you know, one thing we don't do is follow women's revealing fashions of low-cut tops and short skirt lengths. Women typically have their dress length somewhere around the knee and believe in modesty.

Why do the women do that? Because we know that the more that is revealed, the more people think about sexual things with people they shouldn't. That is one cause of many ruined marriages and pregnancies out of wedlock.

It's the same thing with pornography. A living prophet has said we should avoid pornography, R rated or worse movies, TV shows that are about people in sexual situations or graphic violence, and even books that are about the same topics.

Why? Because even though not everyone who sees pornography, watches a suggestive movie or book with think of doing some of those things with another person, some will.

Those people may have their lives and the lives of their family members ruined.

Anything that gets you thinking in those directions can eventually cause harm.

Some would call that being prudish.

I think that the more time you spend thinking about sexual things the more likely you are to do something about it.

Do you know anyone pregnant out of marriage, divorced because of an affair, or addicted to pornography?

I'm guessing you know someone close to you whose live has been devastated by one of them. That's because it is wrong.

We believe in no sex outside of marriage. Period.
We don't believe anyone should fondle themselves. Period
We believe homosexuality is wrong. Period

We believe all these things have been revealed by God through a living prophet who helps us know the things that will keep us happy, healthy and have happy families.

It works. It works because it is true.

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