I've said I accept Jesus as my Savior and now I'm Saved! Yipee!


A person can just say they accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and they are saved?

The argument most "saved" people give is that it isn't your works that saves you it is the grace of God that saves you.

Isn't saying you accept Christ as your Savior a work? Something you do? So you are in effect saving yourself?

It's a little thing, a small epiphany to realize you are doing a work when saying the words but it is true. Maybe too small to be called an entire epiphany, maybe just an epiph to think this way.

So, since you are doing something, even if you are saying something, you are doing something. You are doing "a work."

So all I have to do is say a few words and I am saved? The whole concept seems designed for people wanting to get away with something.

After that I can sin, steal, kill someone, commit adultery or anything else that is a sin and I am still saved because I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior? Really? How can anyone believe that?

It stands to reason, if reason is even being used, that if you have been saved that you cannot become unsaved if the grace of God saved you. You would be beyond all earthly sin if you believe saying the words saves you.


Somehow it seems like something a person dreamed up to get people to follow them and pay them money to be their preacher. People seem drawn to the easy way in life. This seems to be one of those easy ways. An easy "get out of Hell free card."

What is the alternative? What do Mormons believe?

We do believe that it because of the atonement of Christ that all man may be saved. We also believe that it is the grace of God that saves us.

But... we believe that all men must repent, be baptized as Jesus was, keep the commandments and live a good life in order to take advantage of the atonement for our sins.

Christ himself said that if we don't repent we must suffer as he did.

We believe two things about the atonement. That Jesus atoned for our sins when he took them upon himself in the Garden of Gethsemane and when he rose from the dead made it possible for us to be resurrected. Two events for two different purposes.

It is true that it is by grace we are saved, but like the bible says, "after all we can do."

We cannot just say the words and we are done. It is a lifetime of effort and righteous living and then his grace allows us to be saved.

Just saying the words and being saved is not possible. Too bad, but too easy. This life is a testing ground for us to decide whether or not we will follow God's way.

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