God knows you personally. You matter to Him

You are a child of our Heavenly Father. Every person on earth is your brother or sister.

God knows your fears, your successes, your concerns.

He wants you to be happy because He loves you. Think of him literally as your father.

Just like any father, He is concerned about you and everything you do.

Does that mean that he will force you to make decisions His way? To force you to do what He wants you to do? To keep you from all injury and harm? No, no, and no.

We are here to learn how to make decisions, to experience life, to decide whether to be righteous and follow Him or to ignore Him. He loves you so much that He lets you choose.

He has not forgotten you. He is still there, waiting to hear from you.

It's time to find out more about your Father. The one in heaven that you may have forgotten about.

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