God is Dead?

Everyone but Mormons believe:
God stopped having prophets to speak to his people.
When Jesus, God's son was killed, God decided he didn't have any more to say.
Nothing new would come that hadn't already been dealt with in the 10 commandments.

Apparently, he isn't concerned about his children doing drugs, smoking, drinking, gambling,or anything else. He must have said it all.
His job must be done.

But what if he WANTS to say something to us today?
No prophets?
No new scriptures?
He couldn't possibly have any right to say anything else to us because "you can't add anything to the Bible!" Can't God do what he wants?

Well, Mormons believe that:
He still has more to say.
He continues to speak through a living prophet.
He can have his prophet write down what he wants us to do today and that it is just as much scripture as what he said 2,000+ years ago.
We believe in a living, loving, Heavenly Father who still cares enough to tell us how to avoid the evils of the world.

We believe in God.

He is not dead.

But, we don't believe you can get God's authority to act in his name from a university that doesn't have any authority. Not one university has that authority.

God's word is alive, active, and can help each of us. You too.

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