Well, I knew a Mormon that ...

I know someone who is studying the Church and thinking of joining.

She knows the Church is true. She feels it. She has felt the Spirit tell her it is true.

Her issue is that she works at a restaurant. One of the supervisors at the restaurant talks like he is a good member of the Church, but goes out drinking and partying and doing things totally against what the Church teaches.

That is her issue.

How do I feel about that?

Well, when there is any group of 13 million people, what are the odds that some will be hypocrites? Pretty good odds. What do I say to that?

Well, the same when I think about what Jesus went through.

There he was, the Son of God, with 12 men who knew him well.

They knew who he was, so they must have been perfect, huh?

Well, there was the case of a guy name Judas, who wasn't entirely perfect.

And, there was another case of a guy named Thomas who didn't believe until he actually saw and touched Christ.

And there was one other man named Peter, who denied he knew Christ. Not once, but three times.

1/4 of the 12 had issues.

People are human.

They make their own decisions. It doesn't make the gospel of Jesus Christ false. It just means they can't live up to the teachings.

Yes, there are examples of Mormons who don't live up to what they know to be true.

There are also thousands of examples of honest, honorable people who put aside everything in their lives to help others.

People who donate ten percent of their income as tithing because it is a commandment.

People who visit the sick, the home-bound, the lonely.

People who, when hurricane Katrina hit, were part of the first wave of help coming to the people with food, shelter, backhoes, trucks, and throngs of people there to help any way they could.

People who have dedicated their lives to following the Savior and his teachings.

They know the gospel of Christ was lost when Christ and the Apostles were killed and that it had to be restored to the earth.

It was restored. It is here now. It is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Complete with a living prophet.

I testify to you that it is true and that you can find meaning and purpose in your life if you learn more about the restored gospel and follow Christ's teachings.

It is time for you to find truth. Find out more at mormon.org

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