Do Mormons Kill Animals in their Temples?

That really is what some people try to push off as something that happens in Mormon temples.

Is it true?

There are even people that try to convince everyone that we sneak people into the temples and kill them as sacrifices.
Doesn't happen. Can people really be that dumb to think anyone would do that? I guess they forget that if we were killing people in our temples that the police might notice lots of people coming up missing and might start investigating.

I don't know where they come up with these dumb ideas. Guess they never think about asking a member of the Church.

I suppose they think we would lie and cover up something like that. Come to think of it, if we were sacrificing animals or killing people in the temples, I think I would try to cover it up.

What happens in the temples?
Baptisms by proxy in behalf of those who died without the opportunity. Marriage for eternity. Yep, being with your family forever. Death doesn't have to be the end. We believe that God restored his authority, the priesthood, to the earth and that the Church has God's authority to perform his work. No, we don't believe anyone else in the world has that authority, because it was lost from the earth when Jesus and the apostles died. It had to be brought back.

What else do we do in the temples?
There are instructional meetings where we promise God to be good people, to help others, to follow Jesus Christ and God, and to try to become like the Savior.

Pretty weird. Pretty scary. Sounds like these people could be a threat.

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