Mormons Mormons Everywhere

You find Mormons in most places and you would generally never know it.

They don't have horns - I was actually asked where mine were. It was in California years ago. I couldn't believe that ANYONE was dumb enough to believe Mormons have horns.

Mormons, at least some, do have dumb jokes, a crazy sense of humor, sometimes no sense, sometimes no sense of humor, sometimes sensitive, sometimes not.

Do you know why?

Because, and this is a secret, don't tell anyone. We are real people just like everyone else.

Some of us like dogs and cats, some don't.
Some of us are healthy, some are not.
Some are exercise nuts, others are not.
Some are are excellent gardeners and the only thing others can grow is older.
Some are rich, some are poor, many are in-between.
Some read the scriptures every single day. Others don't.
Some are faithful. Others not.

The thing that unites us is a belief that after Christ and the Apostles died, the priesthood power of Christ was lost as was the truth that he taught.

It was gone for hundreds of years until in a grove of trees, God and Jesus Christ appeared to a young boy named Joseph Smith.

They told him that the truth was not on the earth, that the truth had been lost, and that they would restore it through him.

In the years that followed, they revealed that which had been lost. He paid for teaching the truth with his life, when a mob shot and killed him in cold blood.

He was a prophet of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. From that time to now there has been a living prophet and apostles on the earth, receiving revelations to help everyone, including you, find peace through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

It's time to listen. It's time to change. It's time to follow Christ.

The truth is here on earth. You can find it.

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