God, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost are 3 not 1

I realize that God is all powerful and can do anything he wants.

I also realize how he set up this earth. Each person is an individual. We don't have several people in one.

I believe in God as an individual, his son Jesus Christ (how can he be a son if he is also his father?), and I believe in the Holy Ghost.

Jesus, representing his father, as a mediator between us and God was born on earth as a man. If God is a spirit as many claim, then he is also part human. That doesn't even make sense.

When Christ was baptized, the voice of God came from the heavens, Christ was in the water being baptized, and the Holy Ghost was there witnessing the event and was represented by the sign of the dove. 3 people, not one.

When Stephen was being stoned, he looked up and saw Christ on the right hand of God. Two individuals, not one.

When Joseph Smith was trying to find what church to join he went into the woods and asked God. God and Jesus appeared to him together, as two individuals. God said to Joseph, pointing to Christ, "this is my beloved son, hear him".

Joseph was told that because of wickedness, the truth had been lost from the earth and was now just the philosophies of men mingled with scripture. He was told that he, Joseph, would restore the fullness of the gospel and church of Jesus Christ to the earth.

That gospel would have a prophet and 12 apostles as it did in Jesus' time, and would have authority directly from God and Christ to restore what had been lost for centuries. Included was the fact that by revealing themselves to Joseph, he learned that they are separate and distinct individuals.

That's what I believe.

It's true.

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